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Sai Prasad

“Objectives of our IIT-Foundation Course. To make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. To focus on encouraging students to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations. The programme will encourage school goers to look beyond textbooks for learning”


Peter Packer

“ Enrolling in a foundation course for IIT gets you in IIT mode at an early age. When you set your goal as high as becoming an IITian, you pull up yourself to give your best – right from the beginning. It motivates you to work harder to see your great dream come true! ”



“ Oftentimes students like you miss out on fundamental concepts in school due to lack of attention or other reasons. Getting into IIT Foundation classes gives you the opportunity to learn and clarify your doubts taught in specific class. By the time you reach 10th standard, you have all concepts cleared from 7th – 10th standard. ”


John Doe

“ When you take up a foundation course, you get to know in advance the exam patterns, skills to develop, topics to focus, planning and much more. Getting clear picture on what the exam is going to be, gives you the advantage to prepare and get ready well ahead in time. ”



“ Joining an online coaching center, places you in a regular class room environment where you need to attend lectures and solve test papers. Solving test papers gives you the idea of test patterns, bring awareness to your weak areas, motivates to develop speed and improve on accuracy. ”

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